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A Practical Approach to Color

You walk around with your eyes open - but how much do you really see? It's amazing what you can learn about color just by paying attention!

I'll share with you what I've figured out about color over the years and how you can use this knowledge in your own quilts.

1 hour - $450

It’s not a quilt ‘til it’s quilted.

You’ve made a beautiful top, but how do you decide how to quilt it? I’ll share with you what I have learned (both the good and the bad!) from quilting my own quilts over the last many years.



1 Hour Lecture: $450

Prices are locked in once a contract is signed.

If you are located more than 1 ½ hours from my home and are interested in a lecture, the lecture must be combined with a workshop.

If an overnight stay is required, meals and lodging will need to be provided. In addition to the class fee, if driving is required, the standard mileage fee will be charged. If airfare is involved, you will be responsible for the full fee and transportation to and from the airport and airport parking.

My preference for lodging is a hotel.

Contact Info:

Becky Goldsmith

Piece O’ Cake Designs

919 Starlight Drive, Sherman, TX 75090

903-821-3863 (this is my cell phone)

Email Becky


Required Equipment for Lectures:

I will bring a digital projector and laptop computer to use in lecture presentations. Please have the following on hand: