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Becky's Biographical Information

I grew up in Oklahoma and met my husband, Steve, at the University of Oklahoma. We married in 1978, at the end of our senior year at OU when we each completed our degrees: mine in interior design and his in zoology. He eventually became a college professor at Austin College in Sherman, TX.

Our two sons, Chris and Jeff, are grown and married to Lorna and Celia, respectively. We have grandchildren! It is great fun to watch Elanor, Jack, and Bear as they grow up.
I met Linda Jenkins, my partner in Piece O’ Cake Designs, not long after I started quilting at a meeting of the Green Country Quilters’ Guild in Tulsa. We’ve been friends ever since. We started Piece O' Cake in 1994. I could not have asked for a better partner.

Linda and I still work together but this book I have written on my own. Color is something I have spent many years thinking about, learning about, and teaching. It feels like the right time to put it all in a book.

Designing and making quilts, writing books, and teaching others how to make quilts is a better career than I could ever have imagined. Quilters are wonderful people and I love being a part of the quilt-world!

Becky's Contact Info:

Becky Goldsmith

Piece O’ Cake

919 Starlight Drive, Sherman, TX 75090



Linda's Biographical Information

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I met my husband, Paul, in Tulsa and we have been married a very long time. Paul is now retired and spends his time playing golf, riding his Harley and lending a helping hand at Piece O’ Cake Designs whenever we need him. I retired from 20 years as a hair stylist and salon owner. I have 16 years in my second career as a quilt designer and loving every minute of it.

Quilting began as a hobby for me in 1984. My hobby has now turned into a full time and very fulfilling career! I wish I had started quilting sooner. I love all aspects of quilting, but I fell in love with needle turn hand appliqué.

Becky Goldsmith and I formed Piece O' Cake Designs, Inc. in 1994. We met at our local quilt guild in Tulsa four years earlier. Over the years, we have become good friends and partners sharing our love of appliqué and quilting.

You never know when you volunteer for a job at guild that you might work with the best friend you have ever had.

Becky and I have been blessed with the rapid growth of Piece O’ Cake Designs, Inc. We both travel and nationwide. Most of our 26 books and 152 patterns were self published until 2002 when we joined C&T Publishing’s team.  

Linda's Contact Info:

Linda Jenkins

Piece O’ Cake Designs

2977 Comanche Court, Grand Junction, CO 81503