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Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't I think of this sooner!? Linda and I both get questions emailed to us pretty often. Some questions are unique, but the majority are questions we have heard before. We have always taken the time to send an answer - but there are times when we can't get an answer out right away. With that in mind, I am going to post answers to FAQ on this page.

So we begin on February 4, 2012....


Question: My new threader will not thread silk (too fine) and it shreds Mettler. Is your threader better than a Clover? or is it my thread? !

Answer: These are the cotton threads I use most often: Superior's Masterpiece, Aurifil's 50 weight, DMC 50 weight machine embroidery, Mettler's 60 weight (not 50 weight), YLI's Soft touch. The following threaders work with these threads:

In all cases you have to be sure that you are using a needle with the correct eye shape. I use the Clover Black Gold size 12 sharp. Linda uses the Hemming Straw/Milliner's in a size 11. The Clover gold eye applique needle in a size 12 also works. I'm sure other needles work as well in these threaders but these are the ones I am sure of.

I have seen needles cut the thread when they shouldn't. Sometimes there is a burr in the eye of the needle in which case you need to use another needle.