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Fitness Videos

I take a Pilates class twice a week when I'm home. I've done it long enough that I ought to be able to do it on my own when I'm away from home, but I find that I do better if I follow an instructor.

I'm building this page primarily for myself so that I don't have to search for my morning workout. I'm making it public for those of you who might also be interested. I really like the videos below from eFit30 led by Angela.

If you have not done Pilates in the past DO NOT jump into this! It takes time to build up the strength for these exercises. You need to pay close attention to your form. I don't mean how you look — I mean your form as you do the exercises. That said, a strong core makes your back feel better. A stronger upper body is important for just about any sewing that you do. If you aren't currently doing some sort of exercises on a regular basis, I would encourage to you start. No matter your age, moving is good for you!


For Beginners


If you've done Pilates before: