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Needles, Pins, and Related Objects

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The Essential Applique Pin

These wonderful new pins have all the attributes of 1/2" pins - but are better!

The essential applique pin is 5/8" long - a full 1/8" longer than the sequin pins we used for years. That little bit of extra length makes these sequin pins easier to pick up and use.

The traditional head on this pin is easy to pick up and it gives you traction as you push the pin through the fabric.

The essential pin is just a little thicker than the shorter pins we used to use. Surprisingly, that thickness helps to keep the pins in the fabric as you sew. Click here to see a video.



3/4" Pins by Clover

I don't use these 3/4" long pins. That said, I know that many of you do love these pins.

If you have neuropathy or some other problem with your fingers, these pins are a good choice because of their added length.



Black Gold Needle by Clover

This is a sharp (shorter than a milliners needle) in a size 12. This point of this needle is SHARP and glides with amazing smoothness through the fabric.

It is a rigid needle and I like it a lot.




Tulip Needles

These needles are carefully made by Tulip in Hiroshima, where needle-making has deep roots. Each needle is made with great attention to detail and it shows.

Tulip Applique Needles

The size #11 Tulip Applique Needle is as fine as the Clover Black Gold #12 (above) and it has a similar very-pointy point. But this needle is a little bit flexible and it feels great in your hand!

#11 Tulip Applique Needle, 6 per pack - $8.50


The size #10 Tulip Applique Needle is also a little flexible and it, too, is a very sharp needle. It's longer and stouter than the size #11, but not nearly as long as a Milliner's needle.

#10 Tulip Applique Needle, 6 per pack - $8.50


Tulip Milliner's Needles

As is true with the Tulip Applique Needles, the longer Milliner's Needles are carefully made. They are fine and flexible.... very nice, indeed!

#10 Tulip Millener's/Straw Needle, 6 per pack - $8.50


Tulip Needle Gift Set

The set includes a nice variety of these wonderful needles:



Size 11 Milliner's Needles

Both straw and milliners needles are are longer than a typical applique needle. That extra length can come in handy when turning under the seam allowance. This is a more rigid needle than the Tulip milliner's needle.



Size 12 Clover Applique Needles

Some quilters prefer to applique with a shorter needle. These size 12 applique needles made by Clover are not as long as a milliners (or straw) needle. They are easy to thread and are more rigid than the Tulip needles.

$2.85 - Clover Applique Needles


Crewel Needle to use with Prescencia Perle Cotton

This is a very good needle to use with our size 12 or 16 perle cotton when you are stitching with attitude. It is also my favorite needle when I am English paper piecing.

$2.80 for a pack of #9 needles, 15 needles per pack



Sharp Needles to use with Prescencia Perle Cotton

Also good to use with the perle cotton are these sharps. The eye is rounder and some might find these easier to thread than the crewel needle.

Hemming & Son or John James Sharp, size 7 (bigger)

$2.25 for size #7


Hemming & Son Sharp, size 9

$2.25 for size #9




Sewline Glue Pen

I finally found a use for glue! I'm using this glue pen to baste the seam allownces to the paper in English paper piecing. It works, it's fast, and I love it!

Run the glue along the edge of the paper, not the fabric. Fold the fabric over the edge of the paper and onto the glued area. The glue comes in blue, pink, or yellow but it dries clear. Once dry, it holds the fabric securely but it also releases with little effort.



Sewline Glue Pen Refills

Each package has 2 cartridges.




Leather ThimblePad

This leather pad sticks to your fingers with a strong adhesive. You can reuse it many times. It is thick enough to work but is also flexible.

I use a thimblepad on the fingertip of my needle-holding hand.



Protect Your Underneath Finger!

I have sewn for years without protection on my underneath finger - but not any more! I have been using both the Domed Under Thimble and the Dimple Thimble. I like them both and can't really say that I have a favorite.

Domed Under Thimble

The smooth metal dome attaches to your finger with an adhesive pad. Because it is rounded, it fits nicely on the tip of your finger.

The point of the needle slides across the dome smoothly. You can't exactly feel the point of the needle but I can easily tell where it is.

I've sewn more than a week with just one adhesive pad. There are 8 pads in the package and you can order replacement adhesive pads as you need them.

$6.85 Domed Under Thimble


Dimpled Under Thimble

This thimble is much like the domed under thimble, but it has an indentation - a dimple!

I think I'm getting smaller stitches with this one! The needle tip seems to turn to go back up through the fabric more cleanly. That said, the dimpled thimble doesn't sit as flat on your fingertip as the domed thimble does so it doesn't feel quite as natural on your finger. That's why I'm using them both. Sometimes I like one better than the other.

$7.30 Dimpled Under Thimble


Adhesive Pads for Under and Dimpled Thimbles

There are 8 in a package.



Needle Grip-It

This adhesive finger protector is more flexible than Thimble-It (above). It is designed to help you grab and pull the needle but I sometimes use it to protect the sore spots on my finger.



Thimble Pack Plus!

Buy this value pack and you will receive a Thimble Crown (like the domed thimble, but with little dimples like the top of a thimble), a Dimple Thimble, 8 adhesives, 12 Needle Grip-It, 12 Thimble Pads, and 4 Thimble-Its! What a bargain!






Magnetic Needle Nannies

Needle Nannies attach to your clothing with a very strong magnet. Each one is a great place to park your needle and/or small scissors as you work. So much better than sticking your pins in your shirt!

They are all the same price. Sizes are similar, but vary depending on the design.

The Owl is 1" x 1 1/4"

$12.50 Owl


The Halloween bat is SOLD OUT


The bunny is 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

$12.50 Bunny Needle Nanny


The rooster is 1 3/8" x 1 5/8".

$12.50 Rooster Needle Nanny


The Sunflower is 1 1/4" at its widest.

$12.50 Sunflower Needle Nanny


The mouse is 1 3/8" from top to bottom.

$12.50 Mouse Needle Nanny


The dragonfly is 1 3/8" from wingtip to wingtip.

$12.50 Dragonfly Needle Nanny


The bird needle nanny is 1 3/8" square.

$12.50 Bird Needle Nanny


The cat needle nanny is 3/4" x 2".

$12.50 Cat Needle Nanny


The dog needle nanny is 1 1/8" x 1 1/4".

$12.50 Dog Needle Nanny


The heart needle nanny is 1 5/8" from side to side.

$12.50 Heart Needle Nanny


Flower Head Pins from Clover

These pins are finer than the flower head pins above. I love these when I am piecing because they are so fine. The flat heads allow the pins to lay flat which is good.

There are 20 pins in a package.



Glass Head Pins from Little House

These are the most amazing pins for piecing. Made in Japan, they are very fine, and a bit flexible. I love them!




Peppermint Fairy Spoolkeep

From Just Another Button Company, it is the special buttons and pins that make this pincushion so very cute. It's a fast and project and perfect gift. Everything you need is in the kit.

$26.00 $15.00 (quantities limited)


Bohin Easy Needle Threader

This is an amazing needle threader! It has two openings - one for larger needles and one for smaller/applique needles. The best part about this threader is that when you put your thread into the groove, it "pops" into place and is held there while you push the lever to thread your needle.

Click here to see a video of how to use this threader. The package also includes instructions. Trust me, you will love it!



Sewline Sure Guide Needle Threader

This needle threader will thread very fine needles (size 9-12). The case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. Simply insert the needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye.

It's important to put the needle in correctly! Click here to see a video of how to use this threader. The package also includes instructions.



This is the replacement cartridge for those of you who love the threader (above) but have bent the mechanism.

$5.95 Sewline Threader Replacement Cartridge



Quilters Needle Threader

This needle threader works with the both the size 12 and 16 perle cotton thread in the size 9 crewel needle shown below.

$3.85 for a pack of two threaders


Click here to go to the perle cotton threads.


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