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I love having the right pair of scissors for the job at hand, don't you? These are my favorites - I use them all.

Small Perfect Scissor

A dandy scissor from Karen Kay Buckley, these 4 1/4" scissors have a micro-serrated blade that grips your fabric as it cuts.

The cute green handles are flexible which cuts down on finger-fatigue. AND these scissors come with their own hard plastic sheath.

They are lovely for cutting applique pieces, for use in cutaway applique, and for clipping inner points and curves. What more could you want?!

$20.99 Small Perfect Scissor


4" Omnigrid Scissors

These scissors have the sharpest point of any scissor we have ever seen!

This is my go-to scissor when I am cutting out templates and they are great for clipping inner points and inner curves.

$18.50 - 4" Omnigrid Scissors


Sheath for 4-inch Omnigrid Scissors

The 4-inch Omnigrid scissors are seriously sharp. Never put them in your bag without a sheath!

The sheaths come in black, navy, green, pink or red. If you have a preference please write it in the comment section however if we only have one choice in stock, we'll send that one rather than hold your order.

$3.10 - Small Scissor Sheath


Thread Heaven

I don't use this all the time but sometimes my thread seems happier if I 'condition' it with Thread Heaven. Maybe the weather or humidity has something to do with it? At any rate, it's handy to have on hand if your thread is misbehaving.



Clover Pendant Thread Cutter

Not really a scissor but this thread cutter can be worn as a pendant which is very handy when you are traveling. Or you can hang a scissor fob or tassel from it to make it easy to find in your bag.

A student showed me another way to use it. Turn itupside down and insert the stem into a spool. It's the fastest way I've found to cut apart chain pieced units!



New! Medium Perfect Scissor

This new 6" scissor from Karen Kay Buckley has all the benefits of the other Perfect Scissors. They are easy to use whether you are right or left-handed. The mirco serrated blade helps to keep the fabric from fraying.

One blade is serrated and one is not. The blade that is not serrated can be sharpened. And they come with a plastic protective cover!

$27.50 Medium Perfect Scissor


Serrated Mid-Size Scissor by Kai

Kai makes some of the best scissors on the market! This 4 1/2" scissor is sturdy and very sharp. This scissor has blades that are micro-serrated to control the fabric as you cut.

The grips are new and very comfortable. There is room for me to get two fingers into the hole. This scissor comes with a hard plastic sheath.

I use this scissor a lot. It is 1 1/2" shorter than the new Medium Perfect Scissor and there are times when I prefer the slightly shorter scissor.

$19.99 - KAI 4 1/2" Scissor


Large Perfect Scissors

When I want to cut a big piece of fabric, this is the scissor I grab.

Karen Kay Buckley has designed a wonderful shear with a micro-serrated blade. The scissor grabs and holds your fabric, keeping it from slipping around as you cut. You will love the way they cut AND the way they fit your hand.

This scissor comes with it's own hard plastic sheath.

$29.50 Large Perfect Scissor


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