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Thread for Hand Applique

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I am particular about the thread I use for hand applique. I always use 100% cotton thread when sewing cotton fabric. My thread of choice is Masterpiece by Superior for my hand applique. Click here for a bit more information about thread.

Applique thread wound onto bobbins is wonderful! Bobbins are small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry many colors with you. We worked with the fine people at Superior to choose the 70 best colors for these bobbin sets. Each bobbin holds 85 yards of 100% cotton Masterpiece thread. This thread is great for applique!

You may have heard that Masterpiece is currently evolving from a 2-ply thread to a 3-ply thread. The bobbins in the Frostings Donuts will remail 2-ply. Yay! The thicker 3-ply thread will be wound on spools and cones.

The Frostings Donut 1

The first set of 35 bobbins come to you in a blue Bobbin Saver. These are the colors that we chose first, that most closely match the fabrics we use the most.




Smaller Bobbin Sets

Each of these 3 sets contains 12 different colors. The handy packs are perfect for applique on-the-go! You can keep each set as it comes, or mix and match colors to suit your project. Each of these colors is available on a larger spool which will make it easy to replace your favorite colors.

$10.50 Bobbin Set #1


$10.50 Bobbin Set #2


$10.50 Bobbin Set #3


Replacement Bobbins

85 yards is a lot of thread but we know that eventually you will need to replace the bobbins that you use the most. Each replacement bobbin will be $.90

Click here to go to the replacement bobbin page.


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Frostings Donut 2

The second set of 35 bobbins comes to you in a lavendar Bobbin Saver. These are the colors that we wanted to add to the first set, but there wasn't room. This set has different shades and values of those colors in the first set.



Thread Heaven

Even though it is not technically necessary, my thread seems happier if I 'condition' it with Thread Heaven. You may not use it all the time, but it's handy to have on hand if your thread is misbehaving.

I do use Thread Heaven when I am English Paper Piecing.



Clover Pendant Thread Cutter

This thread cutter can be worn as a pendant which is very handy when you are traveling. Or you can hang a scissor fob or tassel from it to make it easy to find in your bag.

A student showed me another way to use it. Turn itupside down and insert the stem into a spool. It's the fastest way I've found to cut apart chain pieced units!