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Our shopping cart is set up through Yahoo. Ours is a secure site.

Shipping rates are calculated by the weight of your order. However, shipping prices can vary from the rate chart depending on your specific address or country.

We will choose the best and least expensive way to ship your package via 1st class or priority mail. We will adjust your shipping charge when your order is processed. In many cases you will pay less for shipping than is shown on your order.

If you live in Texas, you will have to pay sales tax because Piece O' Cake is located in Texas.

International Customers:

This is from Lorna, who will be shipping your order:

Recently, the US Postal Service increased their rates and international shipping costs became even more ridiculous. If I can fit your order in a flat rate envelope to reduce the shipping cost, I pass that savings on to you, and take it off of your order BEFORE I process your credit card. I do this a lot (and not just on international orders), and I'm sure sometimes the customer does not even notice. We intentionally do not make money on shipping.

When shipping internationally, I often wish I could e-mail you to tell you that I can fit more in the mailer. I don't, because I don't want you to feel like you are being pushed to buy more. However, I do want you to get the most out of the shipping charges.

Our shipping cost is calculated by weight, and does not discriminate between larger lighter objects, and smaller heavier ones. When using a flat rate envelope, this makes a huge difference! I can fit 4 or 5 books in a flat rate envelope. Those 4 or 5 books are heavy enough to push the shipping into the upper brackets, BUT I can easily change the shipping cost down before I run it. However, I cannot fit that same weight in lighter bigger notions into the same flat rate mailer because they literally won't fit in the envelope.

So, if you're putting together an international order, please contact me to get the most out of it. You can place an order and then e-mail me, or you can just e-mail me your wish list, and I'll tell you exactly what will fit in the flat rate envelope. If you've already placed the order, and we need to remove an item, I can easily take it off before I process your credit card along with reducing the shipping charges (I can take charges off of your order. I cannot add charges to it).

I recently had a customer in Australia e-mail me prior to ordering, which made me so happy!! I told her what would fit, and then she placed her order based on that. It worked so nicely, and she sent us this little note afterwards:

'I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the service that I have received from you.

You were very efficient and helpful with my order, which arrived in Australia very quickly.
I would also like to recommend the lovely #16 perle thread, beautiful colours, and fine, which is easy on the fingers. I wish all my shopping experiences were so pleasant.


I hope this helps you with your order.

Click here to email Lorna.