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Lectures are an hour long. I bring my own digital projector for the presentation as well as some quilts to show afterwards. I am always happy to answer questions from the audience.

A Practical Approach to Color

You walk around with your eyes open - but how much do you really see? It's amazing what you can learn about color just by paying attention! I'll share with you what I've figured out about color over the years and how you can use this knowledge in your own quilts.


It’s not a quilt ‘til it’s quilted.

You’ve made a beautiful top, but how do you decide how to quilt it? I’ll share with you what I have learned (both the good and the bad!) from quilting my own quilts over the last many years. 


A Piece O' Cake Life

After 20+ years, with more than 30 books under my belt, I have stories to share with you and who doesn't love a good story?! I wasn't sure where to start this particular story, so I asked quilters what they wanted to know about my quilting life. This lecture answers those questions.

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