In-Person Classes for Guilds, Shops, & Shows

Please read the class descriptions below for in-person classes.

I do use a video camera and projector when I teach so that everyone can see what's going on up close and personal. Because of rotator cuff issues, I travel light and will bring 2-3 quilts with me. 

Organizers, if you are interested in in-person classes for your guild, shop, or show, please do contact me at

Spring Bling: Freezer Paper Piecing & Turned-Edge Machine Applique

Spring Bling is a 2-Day Class

Mj Kinman and I worked together to bring you one beautiful quilt—with 2 amazing border options!

MJ designed the center gem medallion and I will teach you how to use her no-fail freezer paper templates that allow you to cut and sew your gem so that it comes together seamlessly. Day One is all about the gem.

On Day Two, I will walk you through every step of turned-edge machine applique—and give tips for fusible, raw-edge applique. You will learn to make and use freezer paper templates, a vinyl placement overlay, and how to turn and glue the seam allowances in place, creating a tidy turned edge for your applique.

When it's time to sew, you will become a master of the machine blanket stitch, using an open-toe embroidery foot for greater accuracy.

Suitable for adventurous beginners or skilled sewists.

Click here to find this class on Creative Spark.

Birds in Toyland: Either Wool or Needleturn Hand Applique

Birds in Toyland is a 6-Hour Class

Birds in Toyland is playful, whimsical, and maybe a bit mischievous ;-). These birds have personality that will make you smile.

Organizers will need to choose either wool hand applique or needle-turn hand-appliqué for the class and choose one 8˝ x 8˝ block. The block pattern will be included in the class. 

The book, Birds in Toyland, will be available Spring 2022.

Once you choose the block and type of applique, I will provide a supply list appropriate to the class.

Bullseye: Foundation Paper Piecing 

Bullseye is a 6-Hour Class

Bullseye is a totally addictive quilt-making experience. I know that it looks scary, but I promise that if you follow instructions and sew on the line, you can absolutely make a beautiful Bullseye. And once you make one, you will want to make more!

The class covers foundation paper piecing techniques needed to make the Center Circle, Ring 1, Ring 2, and the Corners that form one block (above) from the larger 9-block quilt (below). Techniques include foundation paper piecing and curved piecing, specifically set-in circles. The class block finishes at 20” x 20”. You can use this block by itself, or make more for the larger quilt.

Foundation papers need to be printed before class. I will provide a PDF to the organizer to print and share with students before class so that each student can print on their favorite foundation piecing paper. 

The book, Bullseye Quilts: From Vintage to Modern, is not required for class but it is nice to have.

Tile Tango: A Hand Applique Class

Tile Tango is a 6-Hour Class

Tile Tango is a needle turn hand appliqué class that is perfect for all skill levels. Use the needle (or toothpick) to turn the seam allowance under and sew it in place with an invisible appliqué stitch. I know that applique is the is the A-word for a lot of people but please trust me - you can do it, and you will love it! 

This needleturn hand applique class focuses on invisible needleturn applique techniques and is perfect for beginners and experienced quilters alike. No matter your skill level, this class will teach you everything you need to know to become a confident hand appliquér.

Each flower rests on an 8" x 8" block. Four 8" blocks are sewn together make the larger 16" block. You will work on one 8” block in class. The pattern for the block and quilt below are included in the class handout.

Hand Quilting Basics and Beyond

Hand Quilting is a 6-Hour Class

Hand quilting adds beautiful texture and softness to your quilts. You will love the relaxed rhythm of hand quilting and experience real joy as you watch your stitches enhance your quilt. And just so you know, it is perfectly OK to mix hand and machine quilting!

Learn how to baste the layers, prepare the edges of the quilt so they stay tidy as you quilt. Most importantly, you will learn the classic hand quilting, rocking stitch. You will have the choice of making small, traditional stitches or showy, fast, big stitches.

It is a very good idea to learn hand quilting on a small project before launching into a big quilt! You will prepare work on an 18” x 18” square in class that can be finished and used as a pillow or small table topper.

All skill levels welcome.

Stars & Pines—an EPP Class

Stars & Pines is a 6-Hour Class

English paper piecing is a traditional sewing method where paper pieces fit together like a puzzle - add fabric, stitch them together by hand, and you have a quilt! EPP is sewing that can go with you anywhere.

In this class for all skill levels, you will learn how to print and cut your own EPP papers, thread and glue basting, and a wonderful EPP stitch.

The pattern for Stars & Pines (a small quilt) is included in class.

No-Sew Color Class

No-Sew color can be either a 3-Hour or 6-Hour Class

This is a fun, no-sew day filled with surprises and lots of discussion. You will play with color and value as you glue fabric to paper to make pieced blocks. Everyone puts their blocks together and we all get to see what works, what doesn't, and most importantly, how to make color work for you. Every class is different and exciting!

This class is suitable for all skill levels. Organizers choose either a 3- or 6-hour class.

These photos were taken in class and are shared here to give you an idea of what happens in class.