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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth many more. I am happy to be able to share this information with you! You will hear my voice and see my hands - but not my smiling face. That's me, with my husband Steve.

These videos are a perfect supplement to Piece O' Cake books and patterns.

Prepare to Applique

Yes, you need to wash your fabric. This is not a video, but a link to a blog post with good information. Please do also read the comments.

How To Number and Mark Center On Unmarked Applique Blocks

Making Templates The Piece O' Cake Way!

How To Make And Use A Placement Overlay

Preparing Your Fabric Background for Applique

Applique Pin Update

Pinning Your Shapes to the Block

Pinning Outer Points

Using Templates and Finger-Pressing

NOTE: Finger-Pressing may be the best tip ever!

Choosing Thread for Hand Applique

The Quilter's Knot (made when you begin sewing)

The Ending Knot (made when you finish a line of stitches)

How To Use A Sandboard

Carry Your Applique The Piece O' Cake Way 

Now you get to sew!

Techniques featuring invisible applique stitches.

How To Make An Invisible Applique Stitch Don't miss this one!

How To Sew A Perfect Outer Point (sewing with the horizon, the way most of you sew)

How To Sew a Perfect Outer Point (if you sew vertically, much less common)

How To Sew A Smooth Outer Curve (no more points!)

How To Sew An Inner Point How To Sew An Inner Curve

How To Sew A Stem With Cutaway Applique

Cutaway Applique On Small Shapes

How to Construct Windows (and doors) with Cutaway Applique How To Make a Wheel Block

How To Reverse Applique A Leaf With Veins And Stem (PDF file)

How to Construct The 'Wheel' At The center Of The Aunt Millie's Blocks (PDF file)

Wool Applique the Piece O' Cake Way

See what's inside our book, Wool Applique the Piece O' Cake Way.

Preparing To Applique With Wool — Should you use SoftFuse or an In The Patch Glue Stick?

Choosing A Needle, Thread, and Needle Threader For Wool Applique

Sewing Wool Applique With A Blanket Stitch

Applique With Attitude

Techniques featuring showy stitches made with perle cotton.

The Running Stitch - With Attitude

Inner Points - With Attitude

Outer Points - With Attitude

English Paper Piecing and Hexagons

Fundamentals of English Paper Piecing Hexagons

Using the Sewline Glue Pen to Baste Paper Pieces

Lessons on Piecing

How to use the fast2mark Essential Circle Tool

Make Triangle Squares the Easy Way

Quilting Tips from my blog

How to use clamps to support the weight of the quilt

Using clamps with a Sweet Sixteen

Answers to basic machine quilting questions

This & That

Silicone Release Paper To Mark Embroidery Lines

No-Sew Pincushion In A Tin

The Scissors I Use And Why I Use Them

Making Fabric Yoyo's

How to use the Bohin Easy Threader

How to use the Sewline Sure Guide Threader

Other Important Topics

How to fold your quilt to avoid creases.



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