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African Porcupine Quills - set of 3

$ 6.00

Use an African porcupine quill to turn under your seam allowance during hand appliqué. They are longer and smoother than a wooden toothpick. One end of the quill is very sharp, the other end is not as pointy — both ends can be used to turn the seam allowance to the back of your applique. I like the feel of the quill in my hand. It's length makes it easy to hold onto. I find myself reaching for a quill more than a toothpick. 

Quills are slightly bendable but they will break if you bend them too far, the same way a toothpick will break. 

Every quill is different. The 3 quills in each set will vary in length, thickness, and color. 

Environmental Note: My supplier promises to have "complied with all U.S. laws governing the collection and importation of seashell and animal products. They do not carry any "specimen” or endangered seashells or animal products. All animal products sold have been legally imported into the United States and have been cleared by the U.S. Customs Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. They follow all rules and regulations of the CITES International Agreement."

These quills come from animals that have been harvested to be eaten. They are a by-product of that process. 

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