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Hexagon English Paper Piecing Set

$ 27.75

English Paper Piecing with hexagons is a lot of fun! This set includes one package of 1" hexagons from Busyfingers by Sue Daley and one package of 3/4" hexagons by the Paper Pieces company*. Also included is a Fabric Glue Pen with one set of refills, Thread Heaven** thread conditioner, and a package of #9 Crewel Needles by Bohin (my current favorite EPPing needle).

*I sell papers from two different companies: Sue Daley's Busyfingers and Paper Pieces. The Busyfingers papers come from Australia and are more expensive. The Paper Pieces are made in America. The papers from both companies are similar in weight but the Busyfingers papers are slicker and, if you baste with the Sewline Glue Pen, are a little easier to remove. You should try both to see which you prefer before ordering more papers.

**I think that I have less wear on my thread if I use Thread Heaven when EPPing.

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