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Tear-Perfect Maker Tape

$ 9.95

You won’t believe how much you can do with this all-purpose tape! Tear-Perfect Maker Tape is gridded so that it tears easily, and perfectly, in either direction. That means that you can pull off just the right amount each time for whatever project you’re working on.

This tape is as sticky as most clear tapes, and it feels supple in your hand. There is no need for scissors because the tape tears easily in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is water resistant, easy to write on, permanent on paper, and repositionable on everything else (even after an extended time!)

There are tiny raised dots on the surface of the tap. Place tape on the underside of a ruler or template to make them nonskid. Here are some other uses:

  • holding zippers and embellishments in place for sewing
  • repairing paper patterns
  • marking buttonholes
  • holding glued objects together while they dry
  • making quick fixes
  • creating a gripping surface on slippery handles
  • and anything else you can imagine!

Each package includes two 1" x 10-yard rolls for all your taping needs.

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