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Stella SKY White Floor Lamp with US Shipping

$ 349.00

Stella makes a wonderful light!

The Stella Sky Two is the second generation of Stella’s floor lamp. The lamp was designed to bring the unique Stella advantages to people’s favorite chairs and other areas of the home. Tri-Spectrum Technology allows users to easily change their light from a warm spectrum similar to incandescent lights, to a natural white similar to sunlight, to a cool white similar to moonlight.

5-level dimming allows varying light intensities down to 10% of the maximum output.  The segmented steel in the neck allows the perfect combination of stability and flexibility so the head can be easily maneuvered and held in almost any position. The LED technology allows for a brilliant bright light using an average 10 watts of power, producing little to no heat, and lasting well over 50,000 hours with no bulbs to replace. The Sky Two has an adjustable pole, extending from 4 ft. to 6 ft.  A wireless remote gives the user maximum control from anywhere in the room.

This item ships in its own box. Shipping is free in the US, usually within 2-4 days. If you order other items, they will ship individually and normal shipping rates will apply.

StellaSKY Product Video from Stella Lighting on Vimeo.


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