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Easy Threader by Bohin
Easy Threader by Bohin

Easy Threader by Bohin

This is an amazing needle threader! It has two openings - one for larger needles and one for smaller/applique needles. The best part about this threader is that when you put your thread into the thread groove, it "pops" into place and is held there while you push the lever to thread your needle. Trust me, you will love it!

It is important to pair the needle with the thread. A thread that is too thick for the eye of the needle is not going to work, even with this threader.

  • Use the small opening for small applique needles, like the Tulip #11 applique needles or the Black Gold sharps WITH 2-ply cotton applique thread, such as Superior's Masterpiece thread.
  • Use the large opening for larger needles like Tulips #7 embroidery needle and with thicker threads such as wool thread, or #16 or #12 perle cotton. 

This video shows how to use this threader with applique thread.