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Free shipping on US Domestic orders over $100!

International Shipping

I can't guarantee delivery outside of the US at this time. Depending on the delivery country, we may have to cancel and refund your order.

Currently we cannot ship orders to the UK or countries in the EU because of new customs and tax laws —we do not qualify to receive the VAT numbers for reporting because we are a small business (with limited sales to Europe) and because we do not have a partner intermediary business in the EU (again, because we are small, just us). We are hoping that things change soon.

We ship most international packages via USPS Priority Mail, but Priority Mail rates are very high and we know that some of you may not want to pay for this service. Shipping may pull up high, but can be partially refunded depending on other rates, and your preferences. First Class through USPS is cheaper depending on the weight, and we sometimes switch. First Class mail can be a lot slower and we cannot give you any idea of the time frame for how long it will take your order to get to you. However, Priority is not reliably fast anymore either. And sometimes First Class gets there quickly. You never know these days.

Email for help and possible adjustments if your shipping pulls up too high.

Be advised, for any international package, it can take weeks, sometimes months, for a package to get to you. Or it might not take very long at all. No promises.

Once a package leaves the US, we can no longer track it. It's in the hands of the destination country and their customs. Because of this, we will not ship a replacement for lost packages until at least 6 weeks past the shipping date on Priority Mail packages, and 12 weeks past the shipping date on First Class packages.