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Apliquick Rods
Apliquick Rods

Apliquick Rods

Needleturn applique will always be my first love, but when I want to move faster with turned edge machine applique, I will be happy to have these tools and my Quilter's Select Glue Pen handy.

These 8"-long metal rods are substantial and won't bend in your hand. One rod is thicker than the other. Each rod comes to a blunt point, one is pointier than the other. The thick rod has a forked end, the thin rod has a flattened angle. The rods can be used together, or separately, depending on how your fabric is behaving.

Olga Rosa, who lives in Spain, developed the Apliquick Rods and she produced the video below which shows you how to use the tools.

FYI: Ms. Rosa prepares a fusible shape for each applique piece from a paper that mostly washes out. You fuse the shape to the wrong side of the applique, trim it out leaving a 3/16" seam allowance, and then you glue to the fusible.

I don't want to have the residue of the fusible paper under my applique, so I make freezer paper templates and iron them to the right side of the cloth. I turn the seam allowance to the back of the fabric, following the edge of the freezer paper. I remove the freezer paper once the shape is prepared and machine applique with a straight stitch, fine cotton thread, and an open toe embroidery foot with the needle moved to the right.