Online Classes for QUILT GUILDS

If you are a Quilt Guild looking for lectures and classes, I am happy to work with you! I'm sure you have questions about how this works... here are some answers. Feel free to email me ( with questions or to schedule a time to talk.


  • I am happy to present any of my lectures online to your guild. Click here to find them.
  • Lectures will be conducted online on Zoom or similar meeting platform, in real time.
  • Audience size is limited to guild members.
  • Students can ask questions through the guild moderator—I will answer questions at the end of the lecture.
  • My online lectures are protected by copyright. Screen recording and/or sharing video links is prohibited.


  • Most of my classes are available to be taught virtually.
  • Class size is limited to guild members.
  • We will begin the day with a short class introduction on Zoom or similar meeting platform after which students can access the videos that make up the class.
  • Students can text or email questions to me in real time for the duration of the class period. I am happy to answer questions after that, but it could take a bit for me to respond.
  • Access to the workshop videos will extend for a period of 1 week.
  • Supply lists are online but I am updating them so I will send the most complete supply list to you when needed.
  • Handouts vary by class. We will need to discuss how best to handle them depending on your class choice(s).
  • My online classes are protected by copyright. Screen recording and/or sharing video links is prohibited.

If you are wondering what guilds have to say, Marilyn gave me permission to share this with you...

So happy to tell you about the wonderful feedback we've received from our Denton Quilt Guild Zoom Member Meeting. Our members called, texted and emailed me to say how much they enjoyed your Color Presentation and they want more of you! Me too! I believe that you have other presentation subjects that we would like to explore. Perhaps Spring of 2021? 

On a personal note: I really felt at ease talking to you; I felt as if I was talking to a cherished friend. Thank you for information about using the Foundation paper when making Everyday Best. I am definitely going to make that quilt. I have to since I have a box and a half full of dots fabric. lol

Thank you again,

Marilyn Z McWilliams, President, Denton Quilt Guild