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Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)
Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)
Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)
Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)
Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)
Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)

Appliqué Essentials Set (3 Options)

  • Basic
  • Complete
  • Ultimate

When your hands are your sewing machine, you need good tools to keep your hands happy and to get sewing jobs done. Here are the appliqué notions I use all the time and that you see me use in classes and videos.

See what's in each set below.

You may want to add Clear Vinyl, Sharpie, Laminating Sheets, and EPP Specialty Paper which are not part of any set.

Basic Set:

  • The Best Sandboard is used to hold fabric in place as you trace. Later, place your background on the sandboard to hold it flat as you position and pin appliqué pieces to the block.
  • Our Classic Pencil Set includes 1 white charcoal pencil, 1 firm graphite pencil, and one Long-Point Two Step Sharpener.
  • Kai 5-1/2" Embroidery Scissors work great for paper and fabric. I use mine more for paper. You could grab an extra to have one for each, because they will dull faster using them on paper, which will eventually effect how they work on your fabric.
  • The Easy Needle Threader by Bohin is a must-have, even if you can (mostly) thread your needles, because it speeds up the process. Who wants to spend extra time and frustration when there is a dandy solution to the problem!
  • The #11 Applique Needle by Tulip is fine and a little bit flexible. It is my go-to needle. That said, you may want a longer, or thicker, or bigger needle and that's okay too. Click here to find more needles.
  • The point of the #12 Black Gold Needle is sharp and glides with amazing smoothness through the fabric.
  • The appliqué 3/4" Pins by Clover are easy to pick up and are great for small applique work
  • The Bright Bobbin Set has 25 bobbins filled with  2-ply, 100% cotton, 50 weight Masterpiece thread from Superior. This is the thread I use in my own applique. There is also a set with softer colors; leave a comment in your order, if you'd like to switch to the soft colors set.
  • Thread Tamer from LoLo is a thread conditioner designed for me with my input, and I think it's perfect. There are lovely scents you can choose from here; leave a comment in your order, or we will automatically include unscented (Plain Jane).

Complete Set:

  • Everything listed in the Basic Set +
  • Small Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley for cutting smaller shapes in fabric.
  • The Shorter Perfect Pins by Karen Kay Buckly are extremely fine and flexible.
  • Appliqué Pins by Little House are fine with a small glass head. They are a little bit flexible but not bendy which helps them to lay flat against your applique
  • The Leather Adhesive Thimble Pads have a strong adhesive, and each pad is reusable several times. It is thick enough to protect your finger but is somewhat flexible.
  • The Soft Bobbin Set (along with the Bright Bobbin Set already included in the Basic Set).

Ultimate Set:

It is amazing what good instruction and the right tools can do. You will find my techniques in books, free on YouTube, or take one of my classes on Creative Spark.