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100 Whimsical Appliqué Designs

100 Whimsical Appliqué Designs

Our new book includes 100 designs (plus 4 borders) that can be used many ways. You can use the blocks as is or mix and match elements to create new designs! The blocks are printed 8" x 8" but you can enlarge or reduce them to fit your own needs. Instructions for resizing are included in the book. We look forward to seeing how you use these designs!

There are five inspirational gallery quilts in the book and you may fall in love with one or more of them. There was not room to include the enlarged pattern pages, yardage, and cutting instructions inside the book so Linda and I thought it would be nice to offer them as stand alone patterns for those who want them. 

Let me stress that you can make these quilts without buying a stand alone pattern. I have faith that you can enlarge the blocks, calculate yardage, and cutting sizes on your own. But if you just don't want to, the stand alone pattern is here for you.  

Enjoy the options and possibilities!

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